930 Intercom "Umbilical" Cable, 3 pin to 3 pin coiled cable

$29.95 $19.95

Use to replace a lost or damaged umbilical intercom cable or to add additional headsets to your system.  Most systems will allow for extra headsets by using more umbilical cables.  
Connection or "umbilical" cable for most wired intercom systems including Fan Link Unlimited, Fan Link GTB intercoms, Double Talk intercoms and many others that use the standard 3 pin plugs.  This cable is 3 feet long coiled, but will stretch to over 7 feet long.  It fits most all wired intercoms from many brands like Frequency Fan Club, Racescanners, Racing Radios, Track Scan, Racing Electronics, Twin Power, Rugged Radios, Avcomm and many more.  
Features:  3 pin female plugs on both ends of a coiled cable for intercom connections.