301 Fan Link Unlimited Intercom Headset System, 2 people



(scanner not included)

"Allows two, three or more fans to easily talk while monitoring a single-shared scanner, their own scanner or many combinations!"

  • 25 dba Noise Reduction Headsets
  • Crew Chief-type BTH headsets w/ PTT
    with scanner input (plays in both ears)
  • PTT button located on top of left ear cup
  • Works at all type racetracks
  • Unlimited number of headsets can be linked together
  • Headsets can be used as "Listen Only"
    if not used with intercom
  • Works with most any audio source including scanners and FanVision
  • Wired for sharing or for individual scanner input w/ switch on cup
  • Each headset powered by 9-volt battery
    (only uses power when intercom PTT is pressed)
  • No boxes, fully self-contained on/in headsets
  • Scanner not included

Click here to view and/or print the UNLIMITED INTERCOM Operating Instructions that include diagrams of more headset/scanner configurations!  Contact us for more info.


  • (2) BTH Headsets w/ Microphone and PTT Button
  • Umbilical Cable Connecting Headsets
  • Headset to Scanner Cable (coiled)
  • (2) 9-Volt Batteries (Non-rechargeable Type Used)
Note: System does not include scanners. PTT means Push-To-talk. BTH means Behind-the-Head style. THIS SYSTEM IS FOR 2 PEOPLE, BUT CAN BE EXPANDED TO MANY MORE. ADDITIONAL SINGLE UNITS THAT CAN BE ADDED TO THIS SYSTEM ARE $150 EACH.