312 GTB Fan Link Unlimited Intercom Headset, 1 person


G-T-B Fan-Link Unlimited Intercom
Goes-To-Background (G-T-B) SINGLE HEADSET (1 PERSON)

Must have two headsets to use as an intercom. Scanner not included.

Buy this headset to add a third or fourth headset to your existing Fan Link Unlimited Intercom system.  Also compatible with most all other 3 pin intercoms.  Contact us for details if you have questions.

Available in Black, Red and Blue.

Just like our most popular Fan-Link Unlimited Intercom except the scanner "Goes-To-Background."

While sharing a scanner, the scanner volume level is reduced when anyone talks on the system. No more talking over the scanner or being interrupted when the scanner talks. It makes communicating easier with others on the system!

  • 25 dba Noise Reduction Headset
  • Crew Chief-type BTH headset w/ PTT
    with scanner input (plays in both ears)
  • PTT button located on top of left ear cup
  • Works at all type racetracks
  • Unlimited number of headsets can be linked together
  • Headset can be used as "Listen Only"
    if not used with intercom
  • Wired for sharing or for individual scanner input w/ switch on cup
  • Each headset powered by 9-volt battery
    (only uses power when intercom PTT is pressed)
  • No boxes, fully self-contained in headset
  • 5 Year Warranty

Click here to view and/or print the G-T-B UNLIMITED INTERCOM Operating Instructions that include diagrams of more headset/scanner configurations!


  • (1) BTH Headsets w/ Microphone and PTT Button
  • (1) Umbilical Cable Connecting Headsets
  • (1) Headset to Scanner Cables (coiled)
  • (1) 9-Volt Batteries (Non-rechargeable Type Used)
Note: System does not include scanners. PTT means Push-To-talk. BTH means Behind-the-Head style. THIS IS FOR 1 PERSON, AND MUST HAVE 2 HEADSETS TO WORK AS AN INTERCOM SYSTEM.