Uniden BC125AT 500 Channel "Enhanced" Racing Scanner "BEST RACE SCANNER"

$146.95 $131.95


500 Channel Enhanced Racing Scanner-$131.95
All the features listed in the stock scanner(see below)  *PLUS these Racescanners.com racing extras:
  • AUDIO MODIFIED - Many Uniden Scanners do not have sufficient audio output at the headset connection. This scanner has been modified internally to increase the volume through the headset connection. ($16 value)
  • Race Antenna also included ($13 value)
     Excellent handheld race scanner for all NASCAR IndyCar and any other type of racing.

Includes these standard features:
  • 500 Channels/10 Banks
  • PC Programming - you can download information into the scanner and control the scanner via your personal computer using FREE software available online.
  • Frequency Coverage - 25-54 MHz, 108-174 MHz, 225-380 MHz, 400-512 MHz Covers ALL Race Cars!
  • CTCSS and DCS Squelch Modes with rapid search
  • Text Tagging/Alpha-numeric display with 16 characters per name.
  • 10 Preprogrammed Service Search Banks Priority Scan Plus with Do Not Disturb
  • Custom Search and Quick Search with up to 200 lockouts.
  • Weather Alert Standby - the scanner allows you to monitor for weather alerts broadcast on NOAA channels.
  • Display Backlight - You can turn on/off the LCD backlight, set it operate on squelch only, keypress only, or both.
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology with Do-Not-Disturb and Temporary Store- you can set the scanner so it detects and provides information about nearby radio transmissions
  • Signal Strength Meter.
  • 6" Flexible Antenna with BNC Connector
  • Memory Backup - keeps the frequencies stored in memory for an extended time if the scanner loses power.
  • Two Power Options - let you power the scanner using the INCLUDED two AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries or the supplied USB cable.
  • Battery Low Alert
  • Click here for FREE software and USB drivers for the BC125AT scanner.
  • View Instructions/Manual here.
  • Excellent Nascar scanner and Indycar scanner.