303 Wireless Fan Link Intercom System, 2 people



"Allows two or more fans to easily talk while monitoring their scanners from different locations at a Racetrack!"

  • 25 dba Noise Reduction Headsets, Black only
  • Wireless system uses 2-way radios**
  • Actual "Crew chief" headsets w/ PTT
    with scanner input (hear in both ears)
  • Everyone uses their own scanner
  • Works at all type racetracks
  • Unlimited number can talk together
  • Headsets can be used as "listen Only"
    if not used with 2-way radio
  • Not wired to other people-wireless
  • Scanners are NOT included

Click here to view and/or print the WIRELESS FAN - LINK INTERCOM Operating Instructions!


  • (2) BTH Wireless Headsets w/ Microphone and PTT Button
  • (2) Midland FRS/GMRS 2-way Radios (GXT1000VP4, 50 Channels w/ 142 tones) plus NOAA (weather channels plus Weather alert) - uses 4 AA batteries or rechargeable battery pack (included) plus drop in charger charges two radios at one time - 3 year warranty by Midland. Up to 5 watts output power
  • (2) Headset to 2-way Radio Cables (coiled) - with two plug connection (will not come uplugged - very stable)
  • (2) Headset to Scanner Cables (coiled)  fits all popular scanners manufactured after 1994 (3.5mm mono plug)

$449.95 a Pair
(Scanners Not Included)

Note: System does not include scanners. **Range of radios up to 2 miles depending on terrain and obstacles. PTT means Push-To-talk. BTH means Behind-the-Head style. Additional single units that can be added to this system are $225.00 each.